Strawberry Cake Balls

his wasn't the original plan for this weekend. I had planned on stepping up my game by making cake from scratch instead of a box. It was a fun adventure...until the cake stuck to the pan because I used the "butter and flour" method as recommended on the recipe. I was uber frustrated when a chunk came out of the second layer. So mad that I karate chopped it. It was quite a site to see.

I decided to salvage this cake and turn it into cake balls. The grocery store was low on the icing selection, so I decided to use strawberry and complete the look with a pink vanilla coating. Daniel gave it a bite and approved. So my flop turned into a success!

**please excuse my picture quality. All I own is a Kodak; so easy a mom can use it...or so the best buy guy told me when i got it. haha.

I used Bakerella's recipe and just switched out the flavors.

**Tip: My hands were too hot when rolling the balls, so every few I would rub ice on my palms, blot dry with a clean paper towel, and continue rolling. 

Let me know what flavor combos you like best.

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