I told you so...

Remember that time I made S'mores bars a few weeks ago?

Remember how I mentioned my love of roasting marshmallows?

I found proof.

See, this is totally safe and normal right?

OMG! It's on fire!

One more Marshmallow roasting story:

My freshman year in college Kayla and I decided it would be fun to make smores on the balcony. It was so much fun, until my mallow caught fire! In a panic I started swinging it to put the fire out (obviously not the best idea) and it flew off of my stick and onto a cardboard box. AHHHH! I reacted even faster this time to put it out before it got out of control.

I haven't given up my love of roasting, but I have learned it's best to blow out the fire, not swing it around.


Al said...

OMG Jess I am litterally laughing out loud right now at work! You crack me up!! Next RKlub...I say we roast marshmellows!

Diane Thompson said...

You get that from your momma <3

Anonymous said...

This might have came down 3 generations, I still love roasted marshmellows, although I might not be as dangerous roasting them.